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Do you ever pass a stranger and wonder—“what’s your story?” The Evidence of Living exhibit allows us to explore this curiosity with a display of hundreds of handwritten stories from the Strangers Project. These stories come from an ongoing collection of over 18,000 true, handwritten, and anonymous "journal entries" written on the spot from passing strangers. Shared from all ages and walks of life, these stories provide a surprisingly intimate look into the experiences of people we share our world with. The result is a mosaic pieced together from the lives unfolding around us at every moment. From the humorous to the heartbreaking to the profound, this is a glimpse into the lives we may otherwise not notice. These stories are our evidence of living.

Exhibitions of the Strangers Project are scalable and interactive story-sharing spaces. Visitors are invited to spend time reading stories in any order they like, forming their own narrative paths through the writings of anonymous strangers. In addition to reading stories, visitors are also invited to add their own story to the Strangers Project collection. Often, special spaces are reserved to display these new stories shared during the duration of the exhibit.


These exhibits can scale to any size large or small, and can easily be customized to fit a variety of needs. If you're interested in hosting a display and collecting stories in your community, please visit the Booking page for more information.

Selected Past Exhibits

  • "Evidence of Living at Seaport Studios" // Seaport Studios // September 2015 // NYC
  • "Evidence of Living" // Onassis Cultural Center // October 20 // NYC
  • "Evidence of Living at 103 Allen" // 103 Allen St // September 2015 // NYC
  • "What's Your Story" Book Launch/Exhibit // powerHouse Arena // June // NYC
  • "Evidence of Living" // Fountain Gallery // January 2015 // NYC
  • "Evidence of Living" // Fountain Gallery // June 2014 // NYC
  • "Stranger Than Fiction" // Fountain Gallery // November 2013 // NYC

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